Quantum Essence – Transformational Journey

If you are ready for total transformation, to connect back to the wisdom that is in you, around you and of you; and to live life to your fullest potential, then please read on.

It is my absolute honour to be a qualified Quantum Essence practitioner, and thereby able to guide, support and dance with you through a journey with Quantum Essences.

Quantum Essences are vibrational medicines

Whether you use one essence or go through all 25, I am here to make sure you get the most out of these incredible essences of New Zealand nature.

Please contact me if you want the answer to these questions:

  • How do I reach my fullest potential and overcome my repeat patterns and limiting beliefs?
  • What is stopping me from overcoming my negative core beliefs

Or maybe:-

  • you feel one of the essences below is calling you and you would like to work with them in a session with me
  • want to totally transform your inner and outer world through a full 26 week Quantum Essence Journey
  • have any questions about who what where how

(I’ll be creating some packages around these soon, watch this space)

I’ve also written some words about how this vibrational medicine and nature essences work on the Nature Power page here

Here are more details of all 25 essences.

I would first like to acknowledge the amazing teachers who brought Quantum Essences to us. They were guided by pure divine source and I am so grateful that this journey was made available to me. Karen Creighton and Stephanie Hunter can be found on the Quantum Essence Healing page www.quantumhealing.me

No 1. Quantum Feminine
“The power of creation flows through me. I have all I need and I am beautiful as I am.”
Key words: Feminine, Nurturing, Creating Abundance, Self love and Self worth.

No 2. Quantum Trauma
“In the ocean of life I find shelter and peace, I am safe and looked after.”
Key words: supports trauma, feeling safe, deep calm, centering, reassurance, clear boundaries.

No 3. Quantum Ray of light
“Springs remind me that life is to be celebrated and enjoyed.” Key words: supports stress, letting go, healing grief, acceptance, faith in positive outcomes, composure.

No 4. Quantum Console
“I drink deeply from the well of life and integrate all my experiences.”
Key Words: consolation, healing grief, reassurance, inner stillness, self love, separation from source.

No 5. Quantum Protect
“I protect and preserve the essence of life”
Key words: protecting, preserving, setting clear boundaries, independence, endurance, receptivity.

No. 6. Quantum Time Out
“I rekindle the magic of life by opening myself to its unlimited possibilities.”
Key Words: renewal, be different, transformation, flexibility, acceptance

No 7. Quantum Solutions
“I open my heart to magic and childlike wonder and realise my innermost dreams.”
Keywords: opening the heart, unlimited, playfulness, inner freedom, acceptance.

No 8. Quantum Clarity
“I can see without eyes, I can hear without ears when I use my intuition.”
Key words: clear perception, self identity, and independence, objectivity, integrity.

No 9. Quantum Freedom
“I open my heart and mind to a limitless universe and manifest all my potential.”
Key words: expansion, clarity, cleansing, vibrant, renewal, self love

No 10. Quantum Determination
“I connect to my inner strength and wisdom and experience hope and a renewed sense of vitality.”
Key words: resourcefulness, resilience, self discipline, grounding

No 11. Quantum Self Discipline
“Tolerance and compassion thrive with clear boundaries and self discipline.”
Key words: protective, strengthening, independence, integrity

No 12. Quantum Transformation
“I flow with the rhythm of life inviting change and transformation.”
Key Words: alignment, attunement, balance, rhythm

No 13. Quantum Independence
“I have all that I need and I am always safe and looked after.”
Key words: self empowerment, trust, strength, vitality

No 14. Quantum Peace of mind
“I listen to my inner needs and continue my journey replenished and nourished.”
Key Words: acceptance, composure, centering, calming, resourcefulness.

No 15. Quantum Reassurance
“I am a sanctuary for your heart, encouraging you to find your own voice.”
Key words: gentleness, encouragement, self expression

No 16. Quantum In Touch
“I open my eyes to the magic of life and experience a renewed sense of wonder.”
Key words: connected, joy, guided, purpose, inner guidance, staying present

No 17. Quantum Alignment
“With strength and purpose and solid roots, I stand tall and reach upwards towards the stars.”
Key Words: leadership, confidence, inner strength

No 18. Quantum Balance
“I listen to my inner voice and discern what is valuable for my growth”.
Key Words: self reliance, self assuredness, goal reaching, self contained

No 19. Quantum Detox
“I experience the joy of living and invite youthfulness and vigour”.
Key words: vitality, zest for life, freedom, flexibility

No 20. Quantum Wound Healer
“I acknowledge all is perfect and that everything has purpose”.
Key Words: acceptance, faith, resilience

No 21. Quantum Heart Strengthen
“From my heart energy flows freely and I manifest my gifts with ease and grace.”
Key Words: strength, magnificence, self awareness, self love.

No 22 Quantum Sol & Lunar
“I know I am Living my truth and guided by the light”
Key words: connecting to source and being grounded

No 23 Quantum Acceptance
“I accept myself for who I truly am. I am enough”
Key words: letting go, beautiful, true love

No 24. Quantum Presence
I am connected with all there is, all there has ever been and all that ever will be”
Key words: connection, integration, multidimensional, Pure Joy.

No 25. Quantum Sacred Spark
“My soul is supported, My heart is healed, My cells are being re-coded to bring Abundant Health to ME
Keywords: DNA re-connection, love, self, purity, all encompassing


If you would like to connect with these essences please contact me. They want to dance and play with you and help you reach your highest potential.

Event – Detox your Toxic Relationships

Event – Detox your Toxic Relationships

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Energy healing and clearing

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Intuitive Alignment Consultation – 30 minutes

Intuitive Alignment Consultation – 30 minutes

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Love Living Conscious Creation Programme

Love Living Conscious Creation Programme

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What is my Life Purpose and how do I get there?

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Healthy and Loving Relationships

Healthy and Loving Relationships

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60 minute intuitive guidance session

60 minute intuitive guidance session

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Change your thoughts, change your life

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