Energy protection for sensitive children


A just-before-bedtime energy clearing and shielding exercise for children and their parents – with nature visualisations and Quantum Essence Protect.


Sensitive children easily pick up on negative energies around them. From stress in the family to anxiety in the world around them. Yes that’s right, some of our precious children are actually super sensitive to the collective consciousness of the planet. That’s a huge burden and because these feelings are not actually theirs and have no ‘reason’ to be there, as a caregiver all we can see is that our children are acting up – being angry, having a tantrum, being argumentative – but we don’t know why. And nor do they.

I mean let’s be honest, most adults don’t know how to process their emotions, so how can we expect our children to?

A lot of our children are also being affected by too much screen time – EMF or Electro Magnetic Frequencies can play havoc with sensitive people’s energies.

I have found, with my sensitive little one, that these strong emotions – including sadness, silence and frustration – show up a lot more just before bedtime, when they’re also tired.

I was strongly guided to hold an online healing event just before bedtime on 14 April 2020 (during the Covid-19 flu pandemic, a period of self-isolation) to help sensitive children affected by the global stress and anxiety of this unprecedented period in time.

This is a recording of that event, along with some intro slides and images that you can show your child to help them see what a Nikau Palm and Archangel Michael looks like.

My intention with this session is to show you a method that you can use whenever you need to.

We will use visualisation to clear and shield your child from energies that are not serving them and also call in the protection of Archangel Michael and the Quantum Essence Protect.

Your child will receive this healing, clearing and protection even though it is not there physically and you were not present at the time. Because this vibrational medicine and space and time are not as we know it. You can read more about how that works here.

Created, as always, with the intention that it reaches everyone who needs it.

With love and light



Photo by Ádám Berkecz on Unsplash


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