One of the universe’s greatest truths

One of the universe’s greatest truths

I’d like to delve a little into one of the universe’s greatest truths.

The simple and yet profound fact that your outer world is a reflection of your inner world.

Now let me be clear here. I’m not just saying that the way you react to what is happening in the world around you is shaped by whether you’re feeling calm or at peace on any given day.

That is of course true to a certain extent.

What I’m saying is slightly more complex and yet also far more liberating than that, once you have learned the deeper truth.

The way the universe works is that the world around you has already been shaped and continues to be influenced every day by the core beliefs you hold about yourself.

Your core beliefs and inner self-talk are the foundation and building blocks of your outer world.

So these can be limiting beliefs, mistaken beliefs and negative thoughts – I am unworthy, I am alone, I am not enough.

Or they can be positive, uplifting and life-supporting – I am loved and loveable, I am supported, good always happens to me.

So in this same vein – and here is the crux of it all…

The best and most effective thing we can do to change our outer world is not to move house, split up with that asshole boyfriend or blame our mothers for everything.

You can’t fix the negative things that are happening in your life by changing something in your physical outer world.

All that you’re going to achieve by, for example, quitting that job where you’re unappreciated and unfulfilled, is put a very short-term ‘sticky plaster’ over a very deep and long-lived wound. A wound that keeps you believing that you are not good enough and never will be, no matter how many qualifications you get or how hard you work.

If you don’t address the real issue – the wound – you’ll repeat the same pattern in your next job.  And the next. And the next.

And we can say the same for your relationships, your support networks, your health.

Instead, the best and most effective thing you can do to change the way the world is working for you, is to uncover the core negative beliefs that you have been holding onto since childhood*, let them go and then start living life as the incredible being of infinite possibilities that you truly are.

So how do we change our core beliefs? How do we stop re-living the same negative patterns?

Well that’s where people like I come in.

I support and guide you to expose and lay bare the mistaken beliefs that have been holding you back.

The way I do this is different to how a traditional life coach might approach things.

As an intuitive empath, I am being told by a higher source what your mistaken beliefs are.

But I do not believe it is my role to tell you outright what the issues are. My purpose is to empower you with tools that enable you to connect with your inner wisdom. I guide and support you to hear, see or feel what the issues are yourself.

And the beauty of this is that you get to keep these tools forever.

Yup, I have had the privilege of experiencing many lightbulb moments with clients.

Because I am also a healer, there are times when I may sense a place in your body where a mistaken belief is sitting. Sometimes it may be trauma that is in your cellular memory and I can be a channel for it to be healed and released. We will often use the support of nature in this process.

Of course there are some instances where you may be unable to see things clearly, so I will be told through channeled messages what you need to hear.

Together we release these beliefs. We support you to live life from your true greatness.

* some of these mistaken beliefs are not just from childhood. They could be in your dna or past lives. But we’ll go into that another time.

This is part one of the universe’s greatest truth

Part two will delve into this further.

To be notified when I publish part two, please email and I will send you a link as soon as it’s done.

Are you ready to transform your outer world and live the fulfilling and magical life you know you are capable of living?

Book an appointment through my Contact page or go directly to my online calender here 

With love


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