Love Living

The concept of Love Living evolved during my journey of personal development where I created a philosophy and mission statement for how I wanted to live life.

At the time I wrote it, it was very much an aspirational vision as I was in the throes of recovering from a very abusive relationship and still in fight mode.  It makes my heart so happy now when I read it. I see how far I have come and that it is now so real and so relevant. It is the foundation for the healing that I offer. I hope it brings you some light and inspiration too.


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The philosophy – the way I act and the decisions I make are based on what is most loving to myself and those around me.  I live from the heart, for the greater good, and am the change I wish to see in the world.

The attitude – I am loving, kind, respectful and compassionate to everyone, starting with myself.

The mission statement – I love living.  My life is full of joy and each day brings happiness and fulfillment through helping others


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Melissa Irace Marketing environmental specialist

I believe plants are our allies. They are here to support us in so many ways. In turn we need to care for and protect them and their environments.

Love Living is still an ongoing journey for me… but one I live by every day.

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Live a life you love from the heart

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